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You all lost the game :D

bunneh-chan, Sep 7, 11 9:19 AM.
Muwahahaha D:<

Lol no but seriously >> so with a hectic week at work, this is actually the first time I get to enter the world of the CD forums since the weekend of the "hurricane" so I thought to use the time to fill you guys in on what went down.

Thankfully, it his us way softer than was predicted. My guess is because of all the buildings because unfortunately in other more scattered areas, people weren't so lucky. The only things that sucked was that my area did lose power for about 5 days ((which seriously made me contemplate making up an imaginary friend to help with the boredom <<)), I forgot that I had left my laptop plugged in so when the power went out, my adapter fried Q.Q AAAANNDDDD I did the genius act of dropping my phone into a cooler of melted ice. I swear I go through more phones than I do anything else >>

The good news is my new phone hopefully comes in this afternoon *fingers crossed* and I'm going during my lunch break to buy a new adapter for my laptop :D

Aside from having a nasty case of Bronchitis for about a week and a half ((still coughing Q.Q)) I'm doing pretty well. I miss all you guys and hope you're doing well too. I really hope to see you all soon, maybe on raidcall :3

Dead Fantasy COMES ALIVE!

Lucxene, Mar 7, 11 4:18 PM.
 I'll say this much... It'll BLOW YOU AWAY! And who says women aren't BADASS....>_> TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! COMMENTS IS WANTED!!!!!

Dead Fantasy 1!

Dead Fantasy 2!

Dead Fantasy 3!

Dead Fantasy 4!

Dead Fantasy 5!

>_> Enjoy the FEMME FATALE

Unique news

Lucxene, Jan 11, 11 5:16 PM.
So like....two weeks ago we had snow in New Jersey 23 inches...Now tomorrow will have 13-16 inches of snow...How ducky,and the following day I need to go to court summon.*Eye roll.*

On some better news. New Jersey has now legalized same sex marriages...You know what this mean, now all the gays and les from New York will come down to my state to be wedded...Whoo!!!

New Binded Hearts Chapter+Unwritten History

ZionXIII, Jan 3, 11 10:35 PM.
Hey guys! I know it's been a VERY long time but I've finally gotten back to you all with Binded Hearts!  While this chapter may not have any ridiculous, bone crunching combat scenes in it, it does give a very important piece of information that I know you all cannot miss out on!  But don't just take my word for it on this one! Read Revelations yourself and you'll understand exactly what's so critical that you can't miss!

In addition, my first chapter in my collection of short stories set in the Binded Hearts universe, Unwritten History, has been added! If you're disappointed in the plotline advancement in Revelations, you won't be disappointed in this new chapter! We go back seven years to "The War" to see a key event in history...something that happened to three of our major characters from Binded Hearts! The thrilling suspense in this chapter is too good to pass up! Read Origin Stories: Flatline now! =D

A Request

Lucxene, Jan 2, 11 12:10 AM.
As everyone knows my fanfic is kinda in shambles... I'm going to try and summarize or fix or edit in some ways all the chapters I lost at some point...And somehow continue with the story...Though,this will take time so do not expect any recent updates on the CDA story anytime soon... I do have a request... I notice Mjrn is the only one to acquire the last name for her character...Basically, Silverfox. I want to incorporate it into my fanfic. Rather then spamming it on the topic...I figured here is best,just comment. And leave me your full name. Example...

Mjrn Silverfox... As well as please create a last name for your supporting character... Like Zenechoe will obviously get the same last name...So Mjrn's done... Celica just needs hers, the Muses and Nitro...Really any last name that you like. Same with Zion,add for yourself Thuy and Hazji,Zymes as well...

I don't want to spoil anything,but Zion and Celica, I know you both are siblings so just to not overly spoil why...Give yourselfs different last names. There is a reason,In the fanfic. So don't take the same last name. As far as Zymes and Onihime they are cousins,but doesn't mean they need the same last name.So Zymes just make your own. Thanks, I'll get to the fanfic,when I feel I have the strength to do so.
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